If you are considering outsourcing your Affirmative Action Plan development, Strategic HR Solutions, LLC is a great place to start. We have been developing AAP's for over 30 years and can offer you a tremendous amount of experience and expertise.

Our AAP's are consistently approved by auditing and enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

Affirmative Action Plan Development

The process of compiling and developing an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) can be complex and time consuming, but it is a necessary and required process to maintain government contracts.

Strategic HR Solutions, LLC offers customized services to provide the client with an efficient means to ensure Affirmative Action Plans are up-to-date and in full compliance.

AAP for Women and Minorities includes:

- Customized Narrative, developed with client input, for Women, Minorites, Disabled, and Veterans
- Workforce Analysis
- Job Group Analysis which incorporates client input regarding appropriate job groupings
- Availability Analysis which takes into consideration current recruitment areas and practices, as well as   appropriate census occupation codes
- Comparison of Incumbency to Availability
- Placement Goals
- Progress Towards Goals
- Action Plans
- Adverse Impact Analysis

In addition to writing your Affirmative Action Plan, we also provide:

- Training to satisfy regulatory requirements.
- Support in OFCCP audits.
- Compensation Summaries
- EEO-1 and Vets-100 and Vets-100A

The Benefit of Outsourcing

- Maintaining compliance with Executive Order 11246 and other affirmative action regulations
- Access to an experienced HR professional who can provide first-hand knowledge of best practices and   procedures
- Flexibility to use as few or as many hours needed each week
- Cost-savings to the business – you only pay for hours used, no overhead or benefits expenses
- You are able to spend more time growing your business

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