Strategic HR Solutions, LLC is a consulting firm specializing in affirmative action program development. This business has served the federal contractor community since 1995.

Companies benefit from our up-to-date knowledge of regulatory requirements, timely completion of customized, compliant-ready affirmative action plans, and statistical monitoring programs.

Strategic HR Solutions, LLC is a valuable resource for federal contractors who wish to concentrate on their core business without sacrificing regulatory compliance. We add value to our clients' existing staff by providing EEO/AA expertise.

The current economic trends have dictatated a change of direction with respect to HR resources. Frequently, this means identifying areas of responsibilities that can be outsourced. Affirmative Action reporting frequently falls into this category. While review and implementation of the Affirmative Action Plan remains in the HR department, the annual analysis of data, preparation of reports and development of the AAP, can easily be prepared off-site.

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